Scientific Council

The tasks of the Scientific Council are described in the Rules of Association of DESY. Among other tasks the Scientific Council

  • promotes the cooperation with universities and other research institutes,
  • ensures an optimal use of DESY, together with the directorate and the Scientific Committee,
  • cooperates in appointments for the directorate and of leading scientists and
  • advises DESY on important scientific matters.

Usually the Scientific Council meets twice a year. It consists of 12 to 15 members, each member is elected for 3 years.

The next meeting of the Scientific Council (166.SC) will be held on Thu/Fri 02/03 June 2022. We fervently hope that we can organize this meeting in person in Hamburg but provide remote access. A preparation meeting (SC members only) will take place as an online event.

Dial in information for the video/web conference will be given soon.

Photo of the Members of the SC and guests at their last physical meeting in November 2019